The Grassroots to Global Project is an initiative which aims to support small, grassroots organisations working in developing countries to continue to do the great work they are already doing. The project provides resources on communications and fundraising designed specifically for smaller organisations and especially those based in the global South.

Grassroots to Global is my passion project, which evolved as a culmination of my experiences working with small non-profit organisations across three continents, variously as a volunteer, Director and Communications Consultant. I saw many fantastic organisations, usually long-established and well recognised in their field, which were incredibly strong in terms of programs and community engagement, but were surprisingly weak when it came to fundraising and communications. In general, they were painfully aware of this gap in their skill-set as an organisation, but didn’t have the means or resources to address it.

The idea of this project is to address this imbalance a little and support these organisations working mostly unknown at the coal face of international development and environmental protection, to get their message out and secure funding to continue their excellent work.

This site is primarily about providing free digital resources, guides, and advice and tips through regular articles. However, you may also work with me – see more on my consultancy services here.

Lisa Marlin

Writer, Communications Consultant and Founder of The Grassroots to Global Project

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